So I realised that some of the terms used at The Open University are not common place in the world. Therefore only fellow Open University students have a clue what I'm on about at times! Because of this I have decided to create this page as a glossary of terms for anyone who wonders what on earth some of the acronyms stand for.

B203 'Business Functions in Context' an Open University module.

EMA End of Module Assessment; a final project in place of an exam.

Level 3 roughly equivalent to Year 3/Final year of mainstream University study.
OCAS Overall Continuous Assessment Score; a score calculated on weighted assignment scores.

OES Overall Examinable Score; the score of any examinable component (usually an exam or EMA).

OU Open University

T320 'Ebusiness Technologies: Foundations and Practice' an Open University module.

TGF Tutor Group Forum. An online forum where students can interact with other students in their tutor group.

TMA Tutor Marked Assignment; the assignments sent to tutors throughout a module.

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